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Checkout List Of Best Schools In Jaipur – A Complete List Of Schools In Jaipur India With Information On Fees, Admission Procedure, Ranking, Rating & Reviews, Curriculum, Facilities, Contact Details And Address. Find List Of Top Schools In Jaipur Which Are CBSE, ICSE, CIE Cambridge, IB And State Affiliated Schools In Jaipur India.

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8 Useful Classroom Management Tips for Preschool Teachers

It is often difficult to keep track of things if you have been given a preschool classroom to teach and manage. Preschoolers are new to figuring out the basics of socializing and adjusting to a classroom environment. Managing them requires the understanding of some very useful classroom management techniques.  So we asked the preschool teachers […]

How the education system is impacted after covid 19

We all witnessed the covid-19 situation that impacted the whole world. Private and government offices, schools and colleges, all were closed. People were advised to sit at home till they don’t have any urgent work. Everything else was managed through advanced technology and so were schools. As everyone was doing their work through the Work […]

Best Practices to Prevent Bullying at Schools

Many new school policies identify the most effective approaches to Bullying prevention. But do you think policies are enough? Despite these policies, Bullying is still in practice. Furthermore, Bullying at school may have major outcomes. Moreover, this would create adverse environments around students in school. The Top 10 schools in Jaipur have many policies and […]

How going back to school is impactful on covid?

Hey! It’s time to go back to routine after 2 years of quarantine. After the government reopened so many things now, it’s time for them to reopen schools in Jaipur. However, many people feel this is not the right time to reopen the schools, especially for primary schools. We know this was a long time […]

Should schools promote the Mental health of the students

Mental health is not any disease that you have to live in silence. Once Demi Lovato said, “you don’t have to struggle in silence”. In general, you can live well with mental health conditions as long as you open up to someone.   Mental health and wellbeing “Mental health needs more sunlight and more unashamed conversations”, […]

School Libraries: A Boon to the Students

Gone are those days when the students used to spend long hours reading and researching daily in the libraries. Today there are hardly any visits by the students. With digitalization, the use of books has reduced, and therefore visiting the library. However, the impact of the digital era could not overshadow the benefits of the […]

A Step-by-Step Guide to Admission Process in a Boarding School

The admission process of a boarding school is pretty much similar to a day school and is easy to pursue. What’s more difficult is finding the right boarding school for your child. However, with the right research and guidance, parents can find the most appropriate boarding schools for their children. The following process is a […]

Steps to Take When Looking for the School for your Kids

Looking for schools for your kids is not something new to parents. Earlier parents used to choose schools from other people’s mouths or if their neighbour’s kids are also going to the same school. But now times have changed a lot from earlier. Instead of walking in the herds, choose the right technology to find […]

Tech-Savvy Schools and Their Importance in Future

There is no denying that our way of living has completely changed in the last few years. Not only have we found to run a business effectively but also found new ways of earning. Since we have moved ahead in almost every aspect of our lives, why not in the way we learn at school. […]

Online Or Offline Education – Weigh Based On The Pros And Cons

How many of you believe that online classes have taken the essence of traditional learning, keeping your child fixed to the screens for hours? Where extracurricular activities have completely lost their souls, kids are now at the mercy of technology to get an education and success in their lives.  Online learning was an immediate step […]